It’s Time for your Upgrade?

Screenshot_2017-11-20-13-03-47.png“Mrs. Anthony it’s time for your Upgrade!” Oh how I used to love to hear these words from my wireless provider some years ago when we were still under a contract plan with our wireless provider. This meant a FREE state of the art  fabulous phone with all types of bells and whistles to make my wireless experience totally AWESOME! On the contrary,  those exact same words were received with DREAD of utter devastation when I received the memo from the tech department at work that the company is upgrading to a new operating system! This meant a learning an ENTIRELY NEW way for completing task that I had become so comfortable and confident in doing efficiently. Now how could one phrase “It’s time for your Upgrade” be attached to so many extremely variant emotions?





I was in a conversation on yesterday that reminded me of a conversation I had over a year ago few year with a few young ladies that was interested in joining our GIRLS sisterhood. The conversation was about how they felt unworthy, or not righteous enough to pray with someone, or serve as a source of support or mentorship in the lives of young Christians or new believers.  some of the statements were

“ I ain’t all the way there yet”

“Oh I thought that was for the folks like you that already have y’all tickets to heaven…I’m standing outside of heaven’s window trying to get in”.

In my mind I’m like “what bible are you are reading from” “what in your spirit causes you to feel that way”? Then the holy spirit reminded me ….. Don’t you remember when that was YOU! OMG! I have been walking in my new-found freedom so long I forgot about how it felt to be bound my old religious laws, systems, practices, and beliefs.

I remember what it was like to live a life of religion where I felt I had to walk this high wire, tight rope of righteousness, with no safety net below, where if I slipped up I was dead and damned to hell, so whats the point of even trying to live right, when you know you can’t do it.

NEWS FLASH……………… NO one can!! If we could there would be no need  for Christ in our lives? Who needs a savior when you’re so perfect your never in a situation from which you need to be saved from.

Then I posed the question to the group of ladies…”Have you all ever wondered how many people we are influencing to live oppressed unfruitful lives or condemning them to die and go to hell , because we are living and teaching a lie under our old operating systems in life.

Christ died for our FREEDOM!

When we mention Christ because of old outdated belief systems many people attach Christian living to oppression.

Life in Christ is the complete opposite of oppression it is FREEDOM!

Galatians 5:1 says It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.




Upgrade your old life’s operating systems. What else are you living your life patterned off of old operating systems, your beliefs passed from moma, grandma, auntie,  strong holds passed down through family generational curses, belief systems formed and shaped by your negative experiences in life.

A while back I had a conversation with my Mom we were both on our fb pages on our phones and talking about a certain picture posted of my Dad.  ( LORD HOW I MISS MY DADDY) and Mom was searching trying to find what I was talking about. I finally grabbed her phone trying to figure out why she couldn’t see the recent post. Well there was a little link at the top of her screen that said you are operating on an outdated version of Facebook click this link to upgrade.  She said I saw that button but I wasn’t nothing wrong with my Facebook. I upgraded it for her and gave it back to her and she saw a world of difference and improvement in her Facebook experience. All that to say this often times we see the adjustments that need to be made to upgrade our lives, but we continue to choose to life our 2017 edition of life,  operating daily with our 1995 operating system for life. “Old ways will not open new doors.”


Ever wonder why no matter how many times you try to make something new work; relationship, job, business venture, etc.  you keep getting the same failing results. It’s because your old mindset is still in operation and you are trying to apply it to a new situation. “Old ways will not open New doors”. This walk is a personal walk that YOU take with Christ daily! It’s a day-to-day walk of faith with falling down and getting back up again, with learning how to crawl before we can walk, and walk, before we can run, and run with endurance so we can finish our race. As my Dad would always say methods change but principles do not. Read your bible, seek God in prayer,  allow his Holy Spirit to renew your mind daily and I GUARANTEE he will lead you and guide you into all righteousness.

If you find yourself walking in old ways ask God to renew you mind and spirit and allow him to do a new thing in you! Be a bright light shining in the world that you might draw others to Christ and strengthen their faith by your daily walk throughout life!

Let us Pray………..

God we come before you humbled in your presence. Allow us to look upon Your face, and bask in the light of Your glory. Fill us with your light so that we no longer walk in darkness. Upgrade our spirits daily, so that can walk in a fresh anointing and a renewed outlook on life. Free our minds from the bondage of old thoughts, old works, and old ways.  Guide us in our new journey in life. Give us peace, protection, and prosperity as we journey through life’s hills, mountains, and valleys. Let us walk triumphantly in our freedom in Christ, knowing that in you we ALWAYS have the victory. In Christ’s name we pray.



Someone to Love

LOVE is an all-encompassing emotion that we spend a great portion of our time and energy trying to balancing in our lives. At different phases in our lives we find ourselves:

“In-LOVE” and “Out-of- LOVE”

“Giving-LOVE” and “Abusing-LOVE”

“Lost-in-LOVE” and “Looking-for-LOVE (and often times in all the wrong places!)

We often go to great lengths and suffer great loss trying to capture this thing called love because of the immense joy that it is capable of bringing into our lives! Love in humanity, like the love of a mother to a child, the love shared within the bond of marriage, or the love shared between the best of friends is BLISS when experienced in its best form! God gave us the emotions required to experience love because of His great love for us.

However, the love that binds our life’s relationships that we hold most dear is temperamental. We’ve all heard the cliché “Love is a Gamble”, or “In love there’s no Guarantees”. LOVE even at its best in this life will eventually be lost. What do I mean by this? Here’s my story,….All my life I was a Daddy’s Girl, and NO ONE loved me more than my Dad. He was the only person in this life that loved me beyond my flaws, imperfections, and even sins. There was nothing I could do that would cause his love to waiver, (believe me I did a lot of unspeakable things that tested his love) yet his love remained constant. Although his love remained constant, his life did not. With the end of his earthly life ended his earthly love for me. Do I still feel the memories of his love? Yes! And will forever cherish them, but he will never again be able to give his love and affection to the ones he loved most on this side of heaven.

Although my Dads love for me was great, it is not greater than the love of Him who gave my Dad to me to experience his love! God our creator, the giver and sustainer of life is “LOVE”, and his Love is beyond measure! God wants us to Experience not just temporary love, but ETERNAL LOVE. Not just any ordinary love, but an Extraordinary LOVE from an Extraordinary GOD! When life leaves us feeling loveless, or we feel that our actions have made us unlovable, God’s love is constant, faithful, and true! In Romans 8:35 the Apostle Paul ask the question“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” After giving the question some thought, he then answered the question in the 38th verse saying

“I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.


Although love in this life is an awesome thing to experience we must not love anyone or anything more than the creator and lover of our soul. God is LOVE and there is not greater love than the love of the Father. Don’t lose focus of His love and place greater emphasis on nurturing the love of our significant others, children, career, friends, or any pleasure of this world. I challenge you to spend time nurturing your loving relationship with the Father. Love on in Him with all your might! It’s a love you can bet on! One that is eternal and everlasting. Allow God to shower you with His LOVE! Lift up your heart to Him and receive his LOVE, allow Him to fill you up with His LOVE, until His LOVE overflows in your life!

Let’s Pray!

God our Loving Father, we want to experience Your LOVE! We thank you for your Love that is without measure, love that is constant, love that is all-encompassing, and love that is eternal. We give you our hearts at this very moment that you may fill it with your LOVE, that you may be our delight! As you fill us the more with Your LOVE, we will pour YOUR LOVE into the lives and hearts of others. This is our hearts prayer in your darling son Jesus’ name–Amen!

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